Szkoła Narciarska i Snowboardowa STRAMA

Bezpiecznie na stoku z Misiem Stramusiem    

Edycja 2019/2020

Bezpiecznie na stoku z Misiem Stramusiem

Dekalog Bezpiecznego Narciarza i Snowboardzisty 2019

Ferie 2020 w Austrii: Innsbruck i SKI Safari    

Terminy: 11-18.01, 1-8.02 i 8-15.02 2019

Ferie 2020 w Austrii: Innsbruck i SKI Safari

Kursy narciarskie dla dorosłych    

Od wtorku do czwartku

Kursy narciarskie dla dorosłych

Kursy narciarskie dla młodzieży i dorosłych - 3 dni

Kursy feryjne dla dzieci    

Kursy feryjne dla dzieci

Kursy feryjne dla dzieci

Kursy feryjne dla dzieci - Zima 2019/2020

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Ski and snowboard school STRAMA



Licensed STRAMA Ski School was founded in Zakopane in 2001. Many times it gained the title of the Best Ski School in Poland. The team consists of qualified instructors.

17 years of training experience

Own training facilities: the Nosal Ski Training Centre’s slopes are safe and adapted to learning

Qualified, selected and experienced staff of instructors and trainers belonging to the Association of Ski Instructors and Trainers - Polish Ski Federation

Training courses at all levels of skills - the training course for children is conducted according to the original programme “6 badges of Stramuś Bear”

Professional training equipment used during training courses enhances training effects

Winter garden for children

Children enjoy actively spending time outdoors, therefore, we decided to arrange a winter playground for them. In the Stramuś Bear’s Winter Garden, children can ride a pontoon carousel or electric rockers. It is a place where children can have a rest after the ski training. It is a wonderful alternative for the youngest children who have not begun their adventure with skis yet

Children's ski training

 Christmas Course,  First Steps CourseBasic Course 6 days, Basic Course 4 days, Ski Safari Course,  Sport Skiing Course,  Snowboard Course.

Training for youth and adults

 3-day Ski and snowboard Course, 2-day Christmas Course, 2-day Christmas Snowboard Course

School event activities - Winter Olympics and in-company competitions

Choose from: professional ski and snowboard training, skiing competitions, biathlon with shooting including training and relay race events, evening entertainment, inn dining, sleigh rides with barbecue and much more.

Courses for future instructors: Regional competition, regional exam

Trips to the Alps with ski training: Austria - winter holidays in the capital of Tyrol, Italy

Ski School Centre Nosal and Ski School Strama were honoured with Certificate Place Friendly for Kids


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Stramuś Bear Song

Posłuchaj piosenki Misia Stramusia

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Nosal Ski Training Centre

Trasy narciarskie na Nosalu

The Nosal Ski Training Centre - Zakopane



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Opinie o Szkole STRAMA

 Opinie o Szkole STRAMA



'Jak oceniasz Szkołę STRAMA?'  - krótka ankieta


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