Ski gear essentials 

Ski gear essentials

 What kind of training to choose: individual or group lessons ?

We propose group activities for children who are almost 4 years old. These children acquire knowledge and skills very quickly while in group. They follow the instructor’s orders together with others peers and they take their first steps while playing. In a group, children help each other, by playing together they are encouraged to learn new skills in skiing.

How to book a ski lessons at Nosal?

Ski and snowboard training is given at Nosal, 30 Balzera Street, where there are well prepared and floodlit ski runs for advanced, medium and beginner skiers. The Nosal Ski Centre features in ski and snowboard rental shop as well as it operates clothes rental for adults. To book lesson contact us:

  • E-mail:
  • Phone: +48 18 20 114 41, +48 18 20 116 46
  • In person at our office, Balzera 30 Street

At what age can training be started?

Training small children is a great challenge. Training techniques for “adults” are not applicable to it. On the contrary, learning is done through play. During lessons with children, it is important for trainers to teach them in an interesting way in order to encourage a child to take the first steps on skis. Children can begin their adventure with skis even at the age of 3. However, for such children we recommend individual lessons with instructors. Good age for children at which they can independently move on skis is 4 years old.

How much time is needed in order to prepare yourself for lessons with instructors ?

If you do not have your own ski/snowboard equipment, you should arrive about 50 minutes before starting previously booked lessons. This is the time needed for renting equipment, buying a ski lift pass, and paying for ski lessons.

What should be prepared for the first lesson?

Each trainee should have: Skis, ski boots, ski poles (they are not compulsory for children in the first lesson), a ski helmet (compulsory until 16 years old), and a ski lift pass bought in the ski lift passes office.